U.S. Solar Department wanted to bring up conversion rates on their landing pages. Their highest converting landing page took a 3-step approch to filling out the form. The first split test I ran was testing the 3-step form against a more traditional long form. The three step form performed 4% better in the tests. From there I wanted to test breaking the 3-steps down even further, one question per screen. This worked about 2% better, and up to 4% better on mobile.

For the design aspect I wanted something simple with light colors to convey a "clean energy/green" feel. Most importantly I wanted the form to be the focal point of the page.

The new landing page is performing 1-3% better on desktop and 3-5% better on mobile. Currently testing new variations to raise conversions even more.

Landing Page

Web Design and Development of Landing Page built using Bootstrap Frameworks

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • ClientU.S. Solar Department
  • URLus-solar-department.com

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