Lead Genesis, the #1 solar lead generation company, had an outdated website that was not responsive. The goal of the project was to create two clear user flows for conversions, make the site responsive across all devices, and create a new look and feel to better reflect the company branding.

Since the user flows were already identified and the company wanted to go with a flat design, I started the project with high-fidelity mock-up's. Once all the page designs were completed and approved, I moved to the website prototypes using Boostrap (html/css). From there I took the website into WordPress, adding the loops, custom post types, featured images, and widgets.

The new website has a much better user experience, especially for the 20% of users viewing the website on mobile or tablet. The updated design conveys a more professional look and better aligns with company branding.

WordPress Website

Web Design and Development of WordPress Theme built using Bootstrap Frameworks

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